Royal Orchid Hotels | 5 Ways to Feel the Adrenaline Rush While Staying in Dehradun
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5 Ways to Feel the Adrenaline Rush While Staying in Dehradun

One of the most popular hill stations in Uttarakhand, which is thronged by tourists and visitors throughout the year, Dehradun is truly a jewel in the crown of Himalayas. Alpine trees, snow-clad peaks, azure skies, and a chill in air – all accentuate the charm of this city. Besides dropping by at Dehradun’s many points of interest like Tapkeshwar Temple and Silviculture Museum, there are a lot of things that you can check off your bucket list when you are here. Here’s a list of the 5 things to do in Dehradun:


Bring out the daredevil in you and feel the goose bumps as you explore the infinite skyline of Dehradun. The pleasing sky offers a panoramic view of mother mature and a bird’s eye view of this hill town as well as the immaculate beauty of the regions neighbouring it such as Mussoorie, Chakrata and Tehri Lake. Numerous attractive paragliding packages are available in the city. So, sign up for the most breathtaking journey of your life when you’re visiting Dehradun.


The Himalayan foothills make for a good base for you to go trekking. This will offer an exciting opportunity not only to explore the rich flora and fauna of this city, but also to enjoy mesmerizing spectacles from an altitude of 18000 m. Chhaskhet, Bhadraj Hill and Nag Tibba are some of the challenging yet popular trekking routes nearby Dehradun.

Water Skiing

If the sight of famous Bollywood actors performing water skiing in movies was something that ever fascinated you, then Dehradun is the best place to fulfill your fantasy. This water sport is one of the major attractions at Asan Barrage. This is also a hub for all the bird watchers as migratory birds from India’s neighbouring countries flock to this center.


Another popular adventure sport for those who are a little less adventurous is kayaking. Available at Asan Barrage, this activity entails the movement of a watercraft to sail through water. This is the perfect blend of adventure coupled with relaxation as you soak in the enchanting ambience of the place. Proper instructions are offered by trained instructors at the site.


Situated in the relatively secluded village of Goolar Khalla, you can fulfill your quota for adventure by spotting tigers in the Tiger View Jungle Camp. The camp also has the facility for going on a jungle safari and camping. So, bring out the child in you and experience the various thrills and joys of wildlife as you stop for a refreshing sojourn in this lap of nature.
After indulging in these adventure sports, reinvigorate at Regenta LP Vilas. With several well-appointed rooms and dining options, this is a great option to unwind at. It offers customized sight-seeing too!

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