Royal Orchid Hotels | The ‘Know-How’ of Feni, Goa’s Authentic and Local Drink
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The ‘Know-How’ of Feni, Goa’s Authentic and Local Drink

The ‘Party capital’ of India, Goa, is known for its exotic beaches and lively nightlife. Even after being the smallest state of India, Goa is one of the most happening places. Goa doesn’t only have beaches but also beautiful forest covers. There is no time of the year where you cannot find Goa crowded with people. Popular events like Sunburn, International Film Festival, International Jazz Live Festival and many others are held in Goa on yearly basis.

Goa is the only state having 7000 licensed bars. Among all the drinks available there, Goa is popularly known for its authentic and local drink, Feni. This is one among the things which is inspired by the Portugals. From 400 years, it has been a part of Goan culture. Apart from being an alcoholic drink, Feni is one of the most medicinal drinks available in Goa. It tends to warm your body and clear your respiratory system but it’s equally intriguing to understand how Feni is made.

Feni, unlike other drinks, does not have added flavors and doesn’t offer a morning hangover. It is very much a versatile drink, which can be enjoyed with soda or coke or like a cocktail or even neat. The locals advise to have it with fish fry under a coconut tree. The word ‘Feni’ is originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Phena’, which means froth.

The two most popular types of Feni in Goa are Cashew Feni and coconut Feni. Brewing the perfect pitcher of this drink isn’t an easy task. All the ingredients are to be used in a particular proportion and even a slight alteration of it would lead to a different taste. Finest of the Cashew apples are picked and smashed. The extract of it is passed through a vine and stored in earthen pots in dug pits for three days. This is how Feni is made after the fermentation process takes place. And the result of it is called ‘Neero’. This fermented product is distilled three times and called ‘Urrak’, ‘Cazulo’, and lastly ‘Feni’.

The locals made full use of the vast availability of Coconut trees and palm trees in Goa by making these aromatic drinks. Coconut Feni is more popular in South Goa than Cashew Feni. Here the toddies from coconut palms are fermented. The locals claim that drinking Feni in coconut shells is another experience. The Goan Feni has even achieved the Geographical Indication in 2009. Cashew Feni has even been recognized and used internationally.

So, the next time you visit Goa; don’t miss to try these aromatic Goan drinks and that too in the traditional way. And after sipping this delicious, intoxicating drink and exploring the popular spots of Goa, you can drop by at Royal Orchid Beach Resort & Spa, Goa. With well-appointed rooms, recreational options and 3 fine dining options, the resort makes for a rejuvenating spot to unwind in. So, pack your bags and hop on a plane to Goa!

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