Royal Orchid Hotels | 5 Must Visit Churches & Forts in Goa
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5 Must Visit Churches & Forts in Goa

Goa, also tagged as the party capital of India is the city that attracts thousands of tourists every year. From late night shenanigans to water sports in the daylight, there isn’t anything dull about this destination. However, there are many travellers who prefer to explore the other side of Goa and that is its architecture. The numerous forts and churches, which have withstood the test of time have also been witness to the many historic chapters of this city, and here are a few of them-

Cabo de Rama Fort (36.9 km)

A little far than the other beaches of Goa, Cabo de Rama is worth a visit if you’re amongst a few who feel inspired by the historical significance of a place. Situated in Canacona-the southern coast of Goa, the fort has its name derived from the Hindu Epic hero, Rama. It is believed that this fort was home to Rama and Sita for 14 years while he was in exile from Ayodhya. Built by the Hindu rulers, it was passed on to the Muslims then Portuguese and then to English. Now being one of the famous tourist spots, this was earlier used as a prison, which also offers a breath-taking view.

Three Kings Chapel (6 km)

This one is for all the mystery lovers as there’s a very interesting story related to the Three Kings Chapel, a church located in a village named Cansaulim. Known as one of the haunted places in Goa, it is believed that three Portuguese kings used to live in Cansaulim. Who is going to rule that place was a major concern for them and all three of them wanted to be the ruler. King Holgar, one of them, invited the other two kings for a lunch ceremony in the church. Holgar killed the other two kings by mixing poison in their food. When the locals came to know about this, a large crowd went to his palace and the scared king Holgar consumed poison and committed suicide. The bodies of the three kings were buried inside the church and till date many paranormal activities are observed to happen there.

Our Lady of Snow Church (13 km)

Yet another example of a beautiful architecture is ‘Our Lady of Snow Church’, which is located in the Raia village, and the first church built in Salcete. It is constructed from mud and thatched roof and famous for ‘Konsache Fest’, which is celebrated with great pomp after the sheaves of rice harvest. The festival is attended by people of all faith and a large number of devotees from all over the state.


Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol (12.6 km)

Another corner of Goa has Rachol Seminary, also known as the Patriarchy Seminary of Rachol, which was established in 1609 as training centre of all sages. This seminary contains a high Christianity history and preserves its rich heritage. Every corridor of this seminary is filled with paintings depicting unique stories. The church inside this seminary has the statue of the first Roman emperor who was converted into a Christian. If you are exploring this seminary, then the underground tunnel, underwater tank and even the museum shouldn’t be missed.

Rachol fort (12.5 km)

Adjacent to the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol is located a fort named Rachol Fort. The scenic beauty surrounding this fort is much known than its architectural brilliance. One special feature of Rachol Fort is that it was built of laterite stones. After the Portuguese abandoned this fort, its maintenance was stopped. Few remains of the old fort can still be explored, and that’s what catches the fancy of many explorers.

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