Royal Orchid Hotels | 5 Awesome Things to Do in ‘The City of Ruins’: Hampi
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5 Awesome Things to Do in ‘The City of Ruins’: Hampi

Once reckoned as one of the most flourishing cities of the erstwhile Vijaynagara Empire, Hampi is dotted by a plethora of architectural marvels that are specimens of the quintessential Dravidian architecture. Also known as ‘The City of Ruins’, Hampi is a UNESCO recognized world heritage site in India, thereby alluring tourists and history buffs from all over the country. While Hampi boasts of a rich history, there are many more interesting things to do while you’re here. These include:

Live like a hippie

Barely 25 km away from Hampi is the “Hippie Island”. As the name suggests, this is the perfect place to ditch the hustle and bustle of the city life and live with a nonchalant way like a hippie. This quiet corner is a sanctuary of peace, which is accessible from the main city by a river coracle (a small wooden boat). The island also has a famed Hanuman Temple, which offers scenic view of its pristine beauty. You can also ride with your friends through the golden paddy fields that are found here.

Burn calories while bouldering

If you are an adventure junkie or a fitness enthusiast, then this one is for you. Hampi is known for its never ending trails of boulder hills. Amateurs need not worry as Hampi has many stores selling rock climbing equipment. Interestingly, bouldering was a closely-guarded secret, which came into limelight only after several pilgrimage expeditions in the region.

Get enchanted by the wilderness

A visual and an experiential treat for the wildlife lovers, Hampi is home to the well-known Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary. Situated within the periphery of Hampi (20 km), this sanctuary is the epicenter of the conservation of the Indian sloth bear. But if you think that that is all that this place has to offer, think again. A perfect retreat from the touristy lanes of Hampi, this is home to more than 100 sloth bears, 90 species of birds and an awe-inspiring variety of butterflies. Jungle safaris are something for both kids and adults to look forward to.

Chill by the Sanapur Lake

If you are up for some adventure, then you must drop by at Sanapur Lake. Flanked by giant boulders, the emerald waters of this placid lake are home to not only many visitors but also the endemic crocodiles! If this didn’t give you an adrenaline rush already, then there’s also the option of jumping off the cliff and plunging into the lake. There are also some boats, which operate in this region for those who don’t want to indulge in such daredevil adventures.

Shop in the Hampi Bazaar

The city of Hampi also has quite a few surprises for shopaholics. From chic hippie ornaments to trendy fabrics, tiny trunkets and stone accessories – there’s a lot in store for you. You can also indulge in some haggling as the locals tend to overcharge the outsiders. This quaint market is situated across the famous Virupaksha Temple, which you can also check out. The replica of Hampi ruins can also be found here.

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