Royal Orchid Hotels | An Exciting Tiger Trail: 4 Must Visit Tiger Reserves in India
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An Exciting Tiger Trail: 4 Must Visit Tiger Reserves in India

Endowed with beautiful physiography, pleasant tropical climate and a rich variety of flora & fauna, India is known for attracting tourists from different parts of the globe. What is particularly striking about this biodiversity is the fact that India, owing to its endeavors like Project Tiger, has become one of the rare places in the world for the tiger population to flourish. So, if you are a wildlife enthusiast, a wildlife researcher or simply an adventure junkie, gear up for an exciting journey across some of the best tiger reserves in India:

1.Jim Corbett (Uttar Pradesh)

Set up in 1936 in the honour of Jim Corbett, the eminent hunter turned conservationist, this is regarded as India’s first National Park. Brimming with a rich biodiversity, this tiger reserve in Dun Valley is spread over an area of 500 sq. km. on the banks of River Ramganga. Besides enjoying its breathtaking landscapes, visitors can opt for a jungle tour and elephant safari in Dhikala and Bijrani zones. Bengal tigers, crocodiles, leopards and elephants can be found in the Jhirna, Domunda and Sonanadi Zones. After exploring the park, guests can stop by at Regenta Resort Tarika’s multi-cuisine diner, Jungle Delight for a quick meal.

2.Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (Rajasthan)

Said to be the country’s largest National Park in terms of its area, Ranthambore was once a cherished hunting destination of the Maharajas of Jaipur. Not only is this a nature lover’s delight, it is also a historian’s treasured spot, for it houses a grand fort; making it the ideal place for capturing awesome pictures. Tigers and leopards sloth bears, hyenas, Indian foxes, jackals and crocodiles – the reserve has it all! Three scenic lakes – Pa dam Talao, Raj Talao and Malik Talao – are the cherry on the cake. The park is situated in the vicinity of Regenta Resort Vanya Mahal (12.5 km), where you can stay in one of its comfortable rooms or dine at its Indian specialty eatery, Tiger Trail.

3.Sariska Tiger Reserve (Rajasthan)

Covered with a dense layer of dry deciduous forests, rocky landscapes, hilly cliffs and scrub thorn forests, Sariska Tiger Reserve is the breeding ground for plenty of reptiles and birds. Kankarwadi Fort, which offers a panoramic view of flying Egyptian vultures and eagles, is a major tourist attraction of this reserve. The backdrop of the Aravalli hills and Siliserh Lak, make it the ideal weekend getaway for those who are looking for a refreshing break this weekend.

4.Pench Tiger Reserve (Madhya Pradesh/ Maharashtra borders)

Taking a cue from Rudyard Kipling’s famous work, Jungle Book, this reserve features an area of roughly 758 sq. km. Moist deciduous forests, meadows, river and lakeside habitats make this a fairly touristy place. This ‘Land of Mowgli’ has quite a few visual treats lined up for the visitors such as Junewani Talao (a small picturesque pond), Piyorthadi (a rocky area famous for leopard sightings), Kalapahad (the highest point in the park) and Jamun Nala Grasslands.
Time for a fun-filled tiger trail across the country.

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