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5 Awesome Things to Do in ‘The City of Ruins’: Hampi

Once reckoned as one of the most flourishing cities of the erstwhile Vijaynagara Empire, Hampi is dotted by a plethora of architectural marvels that are specimens of the quintessential Dravidian architecture. Also known as ‘The City of Ruins’, Hampi is a UNESCO recognized world heritage...


A Mesmerizing Trip to ‘The Heaven on Earth’- Srinagar

Often labeled as ‘India’s Switzerland’, Srinagar is indeed a paradise on earth. Peaks clad with snow, River Jhelum, cool mountain breeze, dense forests of Deodar and Chinar – Srinagar brims with beauty. This is why it has been alluring visitors from all walks of life...


5 Must Visit Churches & Forts in Goa

Goa, also tagged as the party capital of India is the city that attracts thousands of tourists every year. From late night shenanigans to water sports in the daylight, there isn’t anything dull about this destination. However, there are many travellers who prefer to explore...